For advice agencies

CASHflow is an online tool that can help you to support people with debt to do their own household budget and use it to make repayment offers to their creditors themselves.

Once your agency has registered to use CASHflow you will have access to the secure on-line CASHflow portal with resources for your clients to use to deal with their debts. These include a Standard Financial Statement (SFS) CASHflow budget which they can access and complete, and template letters they can use to write to their creditors.

Each CASHflow SFS has a unique ID, and once it has been signed off by an adviser, it will appear with the CASHflow SFS logo. This means that creditors will know that is has been checked by a trained money adviser.

If your clients chose they can give their creditors permission to view their CASHfow budget online, speeding up the process and saving the need for your clients to send out letters. If you would like to apply for a CASHflow licence, or would like to learn more, please contact: